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I'm · a · blank · sheet · of · paper...

This fools about to write you a letter.

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 Now i know that im new to this community, but i figure if the writing block is open i may as well add whatevers on the top of my mind. I recently did some study into how media affects our society. I am disgusted by what our television sets have to offer and i am disgusted at the fact that television sets have become the most affordable babysitter. This is due to many problems. Problems in the political system which dissallow us to spend the quality time we need with our children or the funds to survive, Problems with the wage gap, and also lack of education on the parent's behalf. Now i know a lot of people can live confortably, easily. But for myself, i pay 675$ for a low quality apartment with about 300 dollars more in bills a month, thats 975$ a month. This does not include groceries, this does not include any medical or dental expenses i may encounter. This does not include any money i may require for gas or a taxi. I have no children. I have a dog. She is spoiled rotten but its easy because its cheap. Any ways i am getting off track. Problems in the political system affect how much time we can spend with our children which in turn ends up allowing our children to spend hours in front of a television set, or a film, or a video game. Now video games, at least promote some degree of intellectual capacity. It makes me really sad to see a child crying, and the only way to calm them down is to put a film on. I recently babysat two autistic children who were throwing tantrums because i wouldn't let them watch more than an hour of television. I insisted on playing with them. Puzzles, logic games, anything to keep them occupied. At first, they didnt agree to this notion, but later on felt inclined to join in the activity. These children were not the kind of children to be known for attachment to any degree, and when i left, i couldn't detach them from me. It makes me so sad to know that some children don't know how to physically "play." I'm sure this isn't all an effect of television but i feel its a substanstial part of it. 
      Wage gaps are becoming another increasing problem in the world. Within British Columbia, Canada, there are already huge signs of economic flops to come. With the pine beetle and now a spruce bug wiping out the trees in our area, we have mills closing, and job loss and many other problems. This isnt only bad for our people, its horrible for the animals. Because of all the dead trees we get forest fires which in turn kill many animals. Humanity has destroyed the earth and our resources are running short because we fail to stop and realize that even a little change can help the length of time the earth remains cool and strong. But Global warming is pushing forward. The thing i don't understand about people, is why do we have to see defeat before we try to prevent things? Its not until it directly affects us that something needs to be done. What about the polar bears and the fish and the seals dying? What about our water reservoires which will dry what about the earth? Oil will be dupleted, water will be contaminated and dupleting, and our forest will cease to exist. we will be faced with extreme temperatures and eventually an ice age. Noone will survive this, not even your grand children. Why do we insist on speeding things up. Actually. In the most Negative retrospect out there. Maybe we're doing the earth a favor by vanishing. Why allow our species to harm another right?Back to the original point, without wage gaps we would be able to spend the time a child needs for nurturing and development but now were forced to find the time to prepare meals and to educate and entertain our children. The simplest method... television.
         Now the television is filled with subliminal messages, in fact every color that a marketer chooses to use in their advertisement is purposely chosen based on the way a brain remembers colors.Remember this word at the end of this article (Moutain).Slogans and songs are a great way to trigger memory in the brain. Now think to yourself. The last time that i whistled or hummed a song in my head that i heard on the radio, has almost always come back to me when i need to purchase a product but don't know where to begin looking. I know here we have slogans like....dollar forty nine day.... COOPERS dollar forty nine day TUESDAY. now if my mind was not trained it wouldn't know that info. The average north american spends 2-5 hours a day watching television or listening to some form of media. We absorb over 6,500 ads in a week. Thats a lot of brain power.  The television is also designed to target our sel esteem. This often targets the wrong crowd. The reason that self esteem is targeted is because body image is held so high in our Canadian society. In magazine articles, videos and television there are very few obese actors, models or anything. In fact in the whole world, this including ethiopia there are only 5% of people who hold the body to be a model/ actress. Isn't that outrageous? We want to be what every body wants and we want to be desirable. We will buy these products or act a certain way to be held as beautiful in societies eyes. There are seven year old girls DIETING. this is unbelievable. When i was seven, i was concerned with what we were going to have or dinner, or what my favorite color of the week was or what i should name my barbie. NOT, "Mom...do i look fat?" Give me a break. When children start dieting at such a young age it can cause problems later on in their lives because their bodies are being denied nutrients. They say that children learn the most from a family role model. To me, my mother always told me she felt fat. Because of that i picked up that habbit at about 15. I never once felt fat until my mom started inspiring this idea. I felt fat all through high school and now that i am in University, i am bigger, but to be honest, im still healthy, and i could be a heck of a lot worse. I get exercise and i eat healthy, so theres nothing more to say. I am comfortable in my own skin. I dont want to be told to look the same as everyone else, and i certainly dont want to be a mindless sheep.
        An interesting story. In 1972 there was a town some where in Europe which had not had access to television. It was actually a tribe of natives. The women in that community were held as beautiful and respectable people. Weight was no concern to anyone. It showed authority, and beauty. Not long after i think it was 1974 the tribe were given access to media. When this happened, the women who were big and busty were cast aside as "tramps, thieves and dirty". This is how much eight large corporations can affect your mind. Why do we let these things get to us? Why do we let other people control what we like and what we don't like. WHY CANT WE THINK FOR OURSELVES. So, all i ask is the next time you listen to a song that you like, ask yourself, do i really like this song, or do i like it because someone i know said they really liked it. Or ask yourself what about this song makes it appealing to me. That i know the words? That i can sound similar to a celebrity?no. THINK ABOUT WHY YOU LIKE IT.Also, the next time you watch tv note the difference in weight and appearance between female and male actors. Note their homes, note the sex appeal and note that we are all mindless victims. Go outside, spend time with your family, make art. Because art truly is a window to the soul and nothing can be more true than your own work.

                     What was that word again......

Told you marketing works. -k8

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I came to this community hoping to see that no one commented. Then I found out that the members don't comment, they just join. Well, I don't know if you watchers are wanting to join...but even if you aren't, keep writing. And post! I'll read what you have!

Here's a story I was planning to enter into an essay contest. Although, I never did.
It's short and simple...You should get the point when you read it. If not, I don't know what to say.

<>< Shannon
Sure, you can.

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I just started this comunity! If you love to write and want to be united with others to share writings and critique them...this is the group for you! You can have a great time with this community if you SPEAK.

I named it SPEAKweekly because once a week I will write a topic to write on. Everyone in the community can write what they feel about the statement or word they want to write on. Say the topic to write on this week is, "Peer Pressure." Which it might be at some point in time. Although, they won't be the typical topics like that. The members will comment under a cut what they feel and others will respond.

Once a week I will also have a new writing word to use when writing. Such as prefix...and so on. Maybe things you already know of, but need to sharpen your skills on. Use those words in your entry!

Also, I would like the members to share any types of writings that they would like to be critiqued. It's a place to write where you feel your voice will be heard, if you only SPEAK.

So join now, because the topics will be firing up soon!

Word this week:
Climax: The highest point in your story. The point of no return.

The topic for this week:
Just like this community, some things in life are new right now. Maybe you moved to a new school or got a new job. Write about how your "new" experiance. But I challenge you not to use the word "new."

Have fun!

<>< Shannon
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