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Hello all!

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I just started this comunity! If you love to write and want to be united with others to share writings and critique them...this is the group for you! You can have a great time with this community if you SPEAK.

I named it SPEAKweekly because once a week I will write a topic to write on. Everyone in the community can write what they feel about the statement or word they want to write on. Say the topic to write on this week is, "Peer Pressure." Which it might be at some point in time. Although, they won't be the typical topics like that. The members will comment under a cut what they feel and others will respond.

Once a week I will also have a new writing word to use when writing. Such as prefix...and so on. Maybe things you already know of, but need to sharpen your skills on. Use those words in your entry!

Also, I would like the members to share any types of writings that they would like to be critiqued. It's a place to write where you feel your voice will be heard, if you only SPEAK.

So join now, because the topics will be firing up soon!

Word this week:
Climax: The highest point in your story. The point of no return.

The topic for this week:
Just like this community, some things in life are new right now. Maybe you moved to a new school or got a new job. Write about how your "new" experiance. But I challenge you not to use the word "new."

Have fun!

<>< Shannon
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